Call Answering Service

Professional Call Answering Service

Our Call Answering Service will ensure that you and your business never miss another potentially lucrative telephone call.

Research has shown that 7 out of 10 callers will immediately hang up when they hear an answering machine, so it is vitally important that all incoming calls are answered by a real person.

Even if your business only receives calls very occasionally, a single call can often lead to a significant amount of business. Our Professional Call Answering Service offers an extremely cost-effective solution, with a pricing package configured to meet the needs of your business.

Before you start to use our service we will discuss the call answering service with you in some detail, so that we know exactly how you would like your calls handled in various situations.

In all instances, your calls will be answered in your company name, giving the impression to callers that you have your own dedicated company receptionist. Beyond this, we are extremely flexible in the way that we handle your calls, once answered, so the more information you can give us about your business the better, as we aim to sound as if we are an employee of your business and not an agent from an outsourced solution.

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