Network Services

Lines and Calls

Looking to save money on your line rental and call charges?

We will happily conduct a free review of your existing costs, after which we will present our findings and make our recommendations with regards to the most cost effective options to fit your business needs.

Not happy with your current service provider?

In addition to reducing your costs we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding level of service.

Chilli Comms ensures you have a hassle-free, seamless service provider transition.

SIP Trunks

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunks are a powerful, scalable and highly flexible solution that enables your business to reduce communication costs and resources.

How do SIP Trunks work?

SIP Trunks are delivered over a broadband connection.

Are SIP Trunks expensive?

No. Our SIP Trunk packages include free UK Mobile, Local and National calls and therefore cost less than traditional line and calls options.

Non Geographical Numbers

What is a non-geographical number?

Once the preserve of large companies, a non-geographical number is a telephone number that does not include an area code that defines your businesses geographical location. Cost effective non-geographical numbers include 0800, 0845, 0333 etc.

Can my non-geographical number be transferred?

Yes. Via a process known as “porting”, it is possible to transfer any number from your existing supplier to Chilli Comms.


My business doesn’t operate online, so how important is broadband for my business?

For most businesses, whether operating online or off-line, broadband is an integral operational component which is heavily relied upon for day-to-day communications.

Our existing broadband connection is very slow, can you improve on this?

We offer a wide range of broadband services, including the latest fibre-optic technologies (where available) ensuring that you are able to benefit from the very best connectivity speeds available in your area.

Ethernet First Mile

What is Ethernet First Mile?

Sometimes referred to as EFM or Ethernet Internet, Ethernet First Mile is a cost-effective alternative to a fibre leased line. By utilising multiple copper cables, speeds far in excess of “standard” broadband connections can be achieved.

Other than improved download speeds, what are the other benefits of EFM?

One of the key benefits of EFM is that the upload speed mirrors that of the download speed. With “standard” broadband, upload speeds are significantly lower than download speeds. If your business regularly uploads large volumes of data or uses a broadband connection for voice communications, the upload speed of your connection is as important a consideration as the download speed.

With greater geographical availability than a leased line, an EFM enjoys the same benefits of being a fully managed service, delivering the flexibility of being able to increase your connection speed as your requirements change, along with enhanced SLAs.

Leased Lines

What are leased lines?

Leased lines are a dedicated fibre optic connection straight to the centre of your operation. Offering the fastest download and mirrored upload speeds, together with much improved SLAs, leased lines are the pinnacle of broadband connectivity options.

Leased lines must be expensive then?

As you would expect for a top-of-the range service provision, a higher cost is associated with a leased line. However, where fast, reliable download and upload speeds are vital to your business, a leased line is a no-compromise solution, with the assurance this brings to your company justifying the additional premium.

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