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Why should we consider switching to a SIP Service?

There are many technical benefits to using SIP Trunks, but quite simply they are more robust and more cost effective than ISDN. SIP Trunks are an IP-based telephony service that can deliver a whole host of added benefits and features that can help to solve real business issues almost overnight, all while working towards making a company more efficient.

Other benefits of SIP Trunks include:

Future-proof Scalability

From a one handset, working from home business to larger, multi-site operations, SIP Services represent freedom from costly infrastructure and ‘future-proof purchasing’ capital expenditure. Start with what’s needed for today and add tomorrow, as your business grows – it’s really that simple. And because SIP Trunks and their associated features are not dependent on the purchase of additional hardware, any changes, enhancements and scaling is near instantaneous!

Return on Investment

Experience a rapid ROI

In most cases, a significant return on investment is seen within just six months! With SIP Trunks you will not be paying for equipment and services that your business doesn’t yet need; you could be maximising your current internet bandwidth by directing the voice traffic over your existing broadband connection and best of all, you’ll enjoy a HUGE reduction in your telephony charges from day one!

SIP Trunks will save you over 50% versus ISDN and other traditional systems.

The level of average savings made by companies who make the switch to SIP Trunks is an incredible 50%-60%! As SIP trunks often work with your existing PBX, capital expenditure is minimal; normally just the purchase of licences is all that’s required.

Switching to SIP Trunks is one of the smartest, most cost-effective technology based moves your business can make.

Simplify, Consolidate and Enhance

By choosing Chilli Comms to provide your SIP Services, we will manage the entire process of transferring all your communication needs into one location, with one bill and one point of contact.

SIP Trunks give you the freedom to choose telephone numbers from anywhere in the country, allowing you to appear local to more geographical areas.

Disaster recovery

Maintain Business Continuity

Disaster recovery is faster with SIP Trunks, through the use of the IP network’s distributed architecture.

In the event of a disaster, we can quickly, easily and remotely redirect your calls to another, unaffected location.


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