Telecom Solutions

SME Telephone Systems

Small business telephone systems

Our small business phone system is tailored to fit the requirements of a small business, typically suitable from a single user upto 100 users.

Medium business telephone systems

Our medium business phone solutions are designed to meet the needs of 101 to 1000 users.

Will my business quickly outgrow the telephone system?

All of our business phone systems are scalable to meet the demands of your growing business.

Large Business Telephone Systems

Telephone systems for large business

Our large business phone system is equipped to cater for businesses with upto 2000 users.

Are there any compromises on functionality with your telephone systems?

Not at all. Our business phone solutions offer all the important features you would expect in a sophisticated business telephone system.

Do your telephone systems provide a disaster recovery solution?

Absolutely. Our medium and large business telephone systems have the option of an advanced disaster recovery solution.

Hosted System

What is Hosted?

A cost-effective introduction to the world of business telephone systems, without the upfront cost of a traditional in-house offering.

What do I need for a Hosted telephone system?

To enjoy the benefits of a Hosted telephone system, you will need a fast, reliable internet connection.

Is Hosted only for larger businesses?

Absolutely not. Our Hosted telephone systems are fully scalable starting from a single user, with no limit on the maximum number of users.

Call Analytics

What analytics are available?

Our telephone systems can offer, with the addition of the appropriate software and licences, a range of analytical statistics, through the adoption of call reporting and call recording functions.

What are the benefits of call reporting?

Call reporting can be really useful when trying to determine how best to organise your resources. By logging your calls it is possible for you to extract a world of useful information from your telephone system.

What are the benefits of call recording?

By recording all calls to and from your phone system, you can be sure that important information is never missed, whilst offering you and your customer’s peace of mind, with protection from crossed purposes.

Remote and Mobile Working

What if I don’t always work in the office?

Not a problem.  All our telephone system offerings support the flexibility of seamlessly working from a remote location or while on the move.

Do I lose any features or functionality working away from the office?

No. As long as the phone you are using has connectivity to your telephone system, it’s functionality will mirror that of your office phone.

Will this work for a temporary office?

Yes. This is the perfect cost effective solution for a satellite office and multiple locations.

System maintenance and support

Why should I consider a maintenance and support contract?

Having invested in the latest telecommunication technology, with system support and maintenance from Chilli Comms your investment is protected by the reassurance provided by telecom specialists.

Are there different levels of support?

Yes. Our bespoke care packages can be tailored to fit the requirements of you and your business, so you have the right support, at the right price.

Do you offer support for systems not bought from Chilli Comms?

Yes we do. Subject to appraisal of your existing system, we can tailor a maintenance and support package that could enable you to benefit from our specialists knowledge and skills, without the expense of having to replace your existing telephone system.

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